Zinging Ginger Lamb Shoulder

I loved seeing Adam & Ashley Oesterle (of Ashby Sapphire Company and Mascot Wines) using Spice Mama sauces at Adam's recent birthday dinner party. Per Adam, the lamb shoulder was infused with complex ginger flavor, and the recipe couldn't have been easier. He shares it below!

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5 pounds lamb shoulder 

1 jar Spice Mama Zinging Ginger


Request a bone-in lamb shoulder from your local butcher (5 pounds serves 8-10 people) and rub the night before cooking with 1 entire jar of Spice Mama Ginger Chutney. Cover the entire shoulder with the chutney. Wrap tightly in foil and refrigerate overnight. The day of cooking, remove from refrigerator and leave wrapped in the foil. Allow to warm on counter for 2 hours, then place the still tightly-wrapped lamb in a roasting pan and place in 265-degree oven. Generally, cooking time is 1 hour 15 mins per pound. Once reaching an internal temperature of 190 degrees, remove from oven. The lamb should pull-apart very easily. Serve with pita or taco accoutrements of choice (we chose toasted pita, and pickled onions, with an extra little bit of Zinging Ginger on top).