Coconut White Beans + Coco 'Chili Crunch'

As my life gets busy, eating healthy is always the first thing that suffers! After an absolutely lovely, and food-filled, vacation with my husband to southern Japan, the need for healthy, home-cooked meals is at top of mind. (You think I might be exaggerating, but we ate three bowls of ramen a day). It dawned on me that the time to start meal-prepping (something I've never done before!) is now. It's tough for me to plan ahead when it comes to cooking, but I really made the effort this week. I'm super psyched to share the results!

Luckily, spring veggies are starting to reveal themselves, and inspiration is everywhere! Friends took me to the San Rafael Sunday farmers' market for the first time, and I fell in love with all the baby spring vegetables. Thin, delicate stalks of bright green asparagus, and skinny, petite, purple spring onions spoke to me. I decided to create this week's menu around baby asparagus, baby spring onions, and hearty white beans, to keep me nourished throughout a busy week. 

This delicious white bean recipe, made creamy with coconut cream, has an addictive crunchy coconut topping (a spin on chile crunch). Spend just a little time making the beans Sunday night, and you've got the base and garnish for three delicious meals. Click the photos above for recipes!